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Why choose KernDynamics LLC?


KernDynamics excels at results oriented tactical searches, striving to find the perfect match for each individual opportunity.


The principals at KernDynamics possess large personal networks, which enable us to find qualified candidates quickly.


Earning success as managers, we possess an innate understanding of how to match particular skill sets with appropriate opportunities.


More importantly, KernDynamics is skilled at pairing personal traits with corporate cultures.


Having no wish to place hundreds of candidates per year, KernDynamics is fully committed to representing top talent.


KernDynamics utilizes a “hands on” approach, treating each search as if we were the hiring manager.


KernDynamics will always strive to operate utilizing the highest standard of ethics.  




Flexible business Approaches                       Results oriented Solutions

Tactical Recruiting                                           Challenging Searches

Relationship Building                                      Generating Value

Efficiency Management                                  Meeting Economic Requirements


Targeted Roles


Executive management                                    Mid-level management

Sales and marketing                                          Technical Services

Operations                                                          Business Development

Engineering                                                         Chemistry

Biology                                                                 Environmental Science



Contact information: Telephone numbers are provided after initial contact.


Ronald P. Kern                                                                                   Linda Youngblood Kern                                                               






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