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Life is too short to settle, your next opportunity is waiting. Feel like you may need a change? 


Why choose KernDynamics???

FIRST STEP: Your Resume is your very first presentation or brochure.  We work with professional resume writers. They  will provide a very informative free initial consultation. Also included is a Linkedin review and update. We recommend that everyone develop their very best resume.  Let us know if you want to be introduced via an email.

Results oriented strategic job searches. Matching well-qualified candidates with truly rewarding career opportunities.


KernDynamics offers instant access to an expanding international technical and industrial network.


We possess a unique perspective, having successfully held a variety of technical, sales management and consulting roles.


KernDynamics provides personalized career guidance, by identifying personal strengths, weaknesses and needs.


We utilize a personalized “hands on” approach, treating each search as if it were our own.


KernDynamics will always strive to operate utilizing the highest standards of ethics and confidentiality.         


Our goal is vocational fulfillment. Your career should bring you an overall sense of satisfaction, not frustration.


Candidate Benefits


Defining your Goals as a Candidate      Economics versus Happiness

Discovering great Opportunities            Locating the Right Employer

Securing the Interview                              Navigating the hiring Process

Closing the Deal                                          Following up

Personal Marketing tools                         Telephone presence      

Virtual Networking tools                          Online “brand” Optimization

“Face to face” skills                                     Professional etiquette  










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